Che’il Mayan Chocolate Experience – Flat Rate of 360$ Required for 1 to 3 Guests and additional 120$ for each extra Guest.

Maya Centre, Belize




5 hours

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Indulge your senses in the art of chocolate making with the Che'il Chocolate Tour at the enchanting Maya Center. This immersive experience invites you to discover the fascinating journey from cacao cultivation to the creation of exquisite chocolate. Led by a passionate couple and a knowledgeable farmer, this tour promises an insightful and delicious adventure.

The minimum booking is 2 People. if less than 2 people price may increase. see booking for details.

Experience Highlights:

Farm Exploration:
Embark on a guided tour of the cacao farm, where the lush surroundings of the Maya Center come to life. Learn about the intricacies of cacao cultivation, from the vibrant cacao trees to the harvesting and fermentation processes. The scenic farm tour sets the stage for a deeper appreciation of the chocolate-making journey.

Hands-On Chocolate Making:
Step into the world of chocolate craftsmanship as you participate in the hands-on chocolate-making session. Under the guidance of your hosts, immerse yourself in the art of turning cacao beans into delectable chocolate treats. From grinding to molding, experience every step of the process, infusing your creations with a personal touch.

Insightful Narration:
Engage with the knowledgeable farmer who accompanies you throughout the tour. Delve into the history of cacao, unraveling its cultural significance and the traditional practices involved in transforming it into the beloved treat we know today. Gain insights into sustainable farming practices and the cultural heritage intertwined with chocolate production.

Warm Hospitality:
The Che'il Chocolate Tour is not just about the process; it's about the people behind it. Experience the warmth and hospitality of the couple who run the place, creating a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the entire journey. Their passion for chocolate and dedication to sharing their knowledge add a special touch to your visit.

Delicious Finale:
Cap off your immersive experience by savoring the fruits of your labor—delicious, handcrafted chocolate. Let the rich flavors and aromas linger on your palate, a delightful reminder of the journey from farm to chocolate bar.

Practical Information:

  • Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours
  • Attire: Comfortable clothing suitable for a farm tour and chocolate-making activity.
  • Note: The tour operates with a focus on sustainable and ethical practices.


Embark on the Che'il Chocolate Tour—a delightful blend of education, craftsmanship, and the joy of savoring your own handmade chocolate in the heart of the Maya Center. 🍫🌿✨


  • Tour Guides Throughout the Day
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fees
  • Rental equipment included when necessary
  • Snacks and Lunch
  • Water and Refreshments

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